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DalmatiaOutdoors - Stipe Božić
Stipe Božić

Stipe Božić

Alpinist, Writer, Photographer and Filmaker on the highest mountains of the Word, on the Poles, in to the depths of undergorund and sea.

My results rank me as one of the most successful Croatian and World alpinist. I climbed the three highest peaks in the world: Mount Everest (8848 m), K2 (8611 m) and Kangcenjungu (8586 m).

I stood on the highest summits of all seven continents: Mount Everest (Asia), Aconcagua (South America), Mount McKinley (S. America) Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mount Vinson (Antarctica) Mont Blanc (Europe) Mount Kosciusko (Australia).

Besides the mountains I descended 1395 feet deep under ground in Luka's Cave in Velebit, and if we take the depth below the earth's surface and the height of Mount Everest, then comes out that I keep some kind of World’s altitude record.

With one international expedition I arrived at the North Pole on the skis.

During my travels I've made a lot of successful photographs and exhibited in joint and solo exhibitions. My photographs we were integrated in the exhibition “HRVATSKA FOTOGRAFIJA OD TISUCU DEVESTO PEDESETE DO DANAS” (Croatian photography from 1950 until today) in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb. I'm the author of numerous magazine articles, feuilleton, calendars and the author of the book PUT NA VRH SVIJETA i SEDAM VRHOVA (Journey to the top of the world and the seven summits).

I recorded a miles of movie and video materials in the most inaccessible parts of the world with a professional camera. I recorded at the top of Mount Everest twice, which verifies the exceptional determination to bring closer a great result to ordinary people. I directed more than 100 documentary films as a part of following documentary series shown on HTV: Seven summits, Depth, Karst and the sea, Mountains of the Croatia, Deserts of the World and Call 112.
I have participated in many international film festivals.  I received the silver Encijan for the best sports documentary film Rericent Wall at Film Festival in Trento 1999 and the film Dhaulagiri Express is awarded at film festivals in Italy, Slovakia and Austria.


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