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Photo safari & Bird watching

Photo safari & Bird watching (1)



Meet the animal world through the lens of the camera, along with mastering basic techniques of photography in theory and practice. The magical world, and diverse plant and aquatic flora and fauna are also to be meeting during Photo Safari. Armed with your camera or camcorder you can discover possibilities of spending a day in National Parks or other attractive locations all around Dalmatia, depending about what you want to catch your lenses. Even though some would say bird watching and photo safari are rather similar activities, bird watching has a different treatment. Bird watching in Dalmatia is only recently gaining in popularity mainly because of the interest shown by visitors from other European countries, particularly Great Britain. Croatia counts 19 nature protected bird reserves in areas where there are large bird populations, large numbers of species of birds, or where endangered species are to be found. Of course, if you do go bird watching, it is vital to take care not to disturb the birds. Large numbers of visitors to national parks, nature parks and bird reserves may be distressing to their inhabitants; disturbing the birds prevents us from being able to observe in their natural behavior.





Wednesday, 05 February 2014 10:22

Introduction to Birding in Dalmatia

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Croatia, especially the Dalmatian region, has recently set itself as an emerging birding destination. This is no surprise since these regions are home to an impressive number of various bird species, including some of the world's endangered species.


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