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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 00:00

Red Lake caves in Imotski

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Torrential rains that have been falling during recent weeks significantly increased the water levels in Imotski lakes. Blue Lake has also grown for some twenty meters and now the water level is slightly above 40 meters. Increase in water levels in the Red Lake is even greater, almost 40 meters and it is now about 300 meters deep. The high water level was a challenge and a motive for members of Speleological Department of HPD Imotski  (Ante Fedor Kukavica and Luka Kolovrat) as well as for speleologist from Split (Branimir Jukić, Filko Kapitanović and Danijel Krstulović Opara) to descent into Red Lake and visit two smaller caves.




Caves that were studied five months ago are now about fifty meters under water, and the ones that we are going to visit today are noticeably smaller, only about fifteen meter long, but their length doesn’t make them less interesting. One is partially under water and it is possible to experience a wonderful play of light, while in the other one we founded a piece of shell from a shattered American bomber from World War II. Also, we noticed large flocks of endemic “Imotska gaovica” or minnows. I believe that this is a data which will surely rejoice lovers of this small but wonderful fish.




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Luka Kolovrat

Hi everyone, my name is Luka Kolovrat, and I was born on 1971. I attended elementary school and high school in Imotski, and graduated from Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin. For more than twenty years, I was actively engaged in diving, mountain climbing and caving. I'm also a writer and a photographer for local and regional newspapers, magazines and portals: Slobodna Dalmacija, Imotske novine, Hrvatske vode, Otvoreno more, magazine Navigator and Dalmacija News Portal. Currently, I am a chief editor of portals www.gorgonija.com and www.adria-navigator.com. I have also had two solo exhibitions of underwater photography and was a coauthor of the book “Imotske modre vode” (Blue Waters of Imotski). I live and work in Imotski as a Tourist Board Director.

Website: www.gorgonija.com/


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