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Horseback riding

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Horseback riding and is riding outdoors on natural trails and roads as opposed to riding in an enclosed area such as a riding arena. The term may encompass those who travel on horses, on mountain bikes, or on motorcycles and other motorized all-terrain vehicles.  Horseback riding may be informal activities of an individual or small group of people, or may be larger events organized by a club. The Dalmatia trail is suitable for riders with basic experience who can walk, trot, canter and gallop. You will ride on historically old tracks, Roman and Napoleon roads, and old cattle ways and through the beautiful rural parts of Dalmatia known as Dalmatinska Zagora. You will follow the River Cetina and Peruča Lake straight to one of the sources of the River where you can drink the clear, fresh and refreshing spring water. In the summertime you can also refresh yourself and your horse by swimming in the Peruca lake. You will also experience the local culture when passing through the small villages full of friendly and welcoming people.


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