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Camping and outdoor living are activities that have the greatest development potential in Dalmatia. Great experience in sleeping outdoors can get you more excitement than you possibly can imagine. It gives you more freedom because you do not depend on hotels, hostels, lodges or apartment and what is the most interesting your ceiling changes every night. Camping outdoors with nothing more than a tent as a protection is quite a challenge, thus it is very important to know the right spots and how to pitch a tent. Since Dalmatia is one of the sunniest regions there should not be any difficulties in finding nice spot for your tent. In this category you can find more information about camping and surviving in open sky and wilderness





Monday, 27 January 2014 19:31

Winter Camping

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Just because the weather turns cold doesn't mean you have to stop camping.  And it's a great time for a camping trip. The bare trees and frozen streams give you a whole different perspective on nature. If you prepare properly, winter camping has many advantages over summer camping.

It is not uncommon for campsites that attract many visitors than unfortunate things may happen and one can find oneself a victim to theft. Although it doesn’t happen often, instances of theft have occurred on campsites in the past. Camping parties often move away from their tents and engage in various outdoors activities, often leaving their things behind - and sometimes unprotected.


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