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Monday, 12 November 2012 00:00

Australia - Down Under Adventure Rakela touring

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Preparations for journey to Australia have officially started. As usual, and according to the protocol, the most important is to prepare a bike (a small reminder for those who are not informed- BMW GSA 1200, year 2006).

Up till now, the bike has crossed over 250,000 kilometers and the journey to Australia will “cost it” another 20.000,00 crossed kilometers. Thus it could be said that it is not a piece of cake to prepare the bike that crossed over 250.000,00 kilometers for another adventure. The preparation of bike I have allowed to the best BMW mechanic- Igor Ivankič, BMW Tomić in Zagreb.

I asked Igor to change my clutch which has crossed over 175.000,00 kilometers now. Although it doesn’t show signs of exhaustion, I choose not to find myself in position to change it somewhere in Australian desert. I also told him to change drive shaft because it has crossed the overall mileage of bike and I believe it has reached its maximum. Igor is young and hardworking guy, born on 01/14/1990, for 3 years he was working as a pupil in BMW Tomić exclusively on bikes in accordance to his demand. Now he is full time employed at BMW Tomić from 2008. Igor has a significant importance for this story because without quality mechanic and without best preparation of bike, I would be insane to even think about the journey where are to be expected extreme weather conditions like heat, cold, dust, macadam…

My expedition across Australia, together with other interesting adventure tours from now on you can follow my new blog at Dalmatia Outdoors portal. Together with Dalmatia Outdoors team I have no doubts that I will travel to the most exciting places that will reach every one of you.

And now, check out what Igor has made out of my bike.


Tank and forks are off...

Igor in his element, separated rear end; imagine you give a bike to this lunatic?!

ALL dismantled, except the machine, there is no reason to touch it except changing oil, filters and spark plug... It will be very interesting to follow this bike service, you have seen the mechanic and now we can start the bet!  Will this bike ever turn on?!


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