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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:22

Word from around the World - Ålesund, Norway – My fairytale town Featured

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I suppose that each of us has at least once in their life imagined himself as a part of a fairy tale - some distant, mysterious and beautiful land. As children we created images, daydreamed, were part of a story – the main role of a good heart. The one that always wins. The only and the best one. Then we believed that such a life is waiting for us.

But then we get older, rage wars with time, lose the imagination and thus losing all those silly childish beliefs. We can hardly help it. Reality sets. Fight for survival. Simply – life. Unfortunately, mostly everyone is like that. I am like that.

As a reflection of such reality, I have made a step in the search for a better present and better tomorrow. I came in a small town for which I thought that, so far away from home, will look like a battlefield to me. However, exactly the opposite happened – it became a playground from children’s drams. Its body and soul brought me back to where I was a long time ago. Where all old beliefs and imagination had not faded. A small town – a compound of extraordinary nature extreme beauty which I admire with every step and with my whole being, again and again. I observe.

And then I wonder… Is it possible such place exists? A place where time has stopped. A place that hypnotizes you. Makes you love it ever more. Drives away all the stress built up in you over the years. It simply swallows them, make them just disappear and you don’t know whether it is the mountains, sea or the rain that does it. 

Or it is the unusually long days, only with a note of subtle orange light. The blueness that has no end in sight, only now and then interrupted with small islands on the horizon. Or it is in the colourful houses, embroidered by calm windows resembling tiny fireflies. Or maybe in the sails of ships directed by indescribably powerful wind or in the images of seagulls.

And while watching the view of the north in cold nights, when the sky is dappled by the neon green, everything else in the world becomes irrelevant. Unimportant. It becomes easier.

Fairy tale becomes reality and you are part of it, once again like in those childish days, you play the main role.

Every image tells its own story and carries a small part of my own fairy tale, a part of my inner self, of my feelings. Part of a beautiful town that has awaken something in me, something I thought does not exist anymore. But the child in me never stopped believing. 


Written and photos by: Irma Šator


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