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Monday, 12 November 2012 00:00

Sharedreams season No.3 has just began

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Dear friends, readers and adventure lovers,

We have started our adventure 2012-2014. From now projectsharedreams blogspot will be the spot where i will publish all reports about my travel. Also, the most interesting details will be transformed through te blog on web portal Dalmatia Outdoors – www.dalmatiaoutdoors.com. Thank you for visiting blog and for your support to Sharedreams project. Yours, Leo

Again in Mexico, La Paz, "Dora" seems like I was here yesterday. And it's been more than 6 months ... I was caring various parts for the boat by airplane, so I had all together around 70 kg of things that I was running with from one airplane to another. When I finally landed in Mexico City, I had three hours left until the next flight; this was the longest period that I needed to wait another flight in the whole journey. I missed this flight because it took me so many hours to get into the country.  What a crowd, holly mother of God. And what a mess; nobody cares if you want to catch your flight or not. But at the end and after 2 hours of waiting and a good rest, I flew to La Paz at midnight. And all those inert Mexicans standing by the gate, showed consistency, so they replaced my ticket free of charge. What a beautiful country and beautiful people… even in the middle of this insanity and disorganization there is something. You can see that I have been absent for too long, so I was overwhelmed by our speed so that I forgot about the way of life described in one word "manana" or tomorrow, the best anti-stress therapy. Do not do anything today, if you can leave it for tomorrow.

Here I am, in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico. "Dora" is on the spot, the first exam of the ship shows that everything is OK.  Now, the fun in preparing the ship to sail begins... but everything is so easy during summer, I've already forgotten about the cold, again the sun, sea, swimming, diving, and there will probably be something diving.  This winter my friend Robert (he is American, but the genius for all the works in La Paz, he lives on a boat, and certainly does not want to return to the U.S.) bought 5-6 sailboats and motor boats for not so much money, and he advises me to leave the boat out of the sea, and to use his means of transportation whenever I want.  He also bought a camper, an old Mercedes, Ford’s van ... there is no purchase he makes that does not exceed unimaginably low amount of money. But the most interesting is that I cannot find the real reason he is buying things. When he resells his stuff he does it on a friendly manner and I even do not know whether he earnings to cover the cost for buying things. He told me, that if I want a Mercedes that he will get me one for 400 U.S. $. Four hundred, and trust me I did not drop out one zero. And the can drive, stop, it has music and air condition. I just when I wanted to give him 400$ and became the owner of the Mercedes for the first time in my life, when he told me:  wait, you're be here just for a few months, you will not pay me anything but beer and the car you should return to me before you leave.  That's what Robert and the boat and communities in La Paz are. After hanging out and laughter that lasted for whole afternoon I had pain in my cheekbones. He took me to a fisherman where I bought some large shrimps, only tails, 1 kg for 40 KN, I bought 4 and gave him two. He left me Jeep keys and told me to take a ride for couple days because I was under the stress of coming from another world. Oh, if he could only know.  The time in La Paz compared to the time in Split is 8 hours difference in reverse. Tomorrow morning is Sunday and I decided go over Baja California on the Pacific by Jeep, to bow and greet the great sea that awaits me soon. And then, back to the shelter of beautiful Baja California. Without waves, daily temperature is 30 degrees, night temperature 22 degrees…


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