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Dalmatia abounds with its natural beauties not visible to the eye of daily visitor. The eternal game of stone, sea and water created such forms that even the most imaginative sculptors could not create. It is a world of silence, purity and untouched nature.Taking footprints of nature is to decide on for the adventure, to reach out to the world in which the myths of the past stopped in time and space, petrified in perpetual motion occasionally disrupted by drops from the stone arch dripping onto the floor.In this sleepy world, under lamp light, you will find intact forms of true beauty of Dalmatian sea, its islands, rivers, coast and Dalmatian hinterland.

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Spend Autumn Outdoors!

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For most people autumn is the best season for outdoors fun. Everyone else is back to work after summer vacation. School has started, to-do lists are a mile long, e-mail messages have piled up, and there's a stack of work to bed one.

But just because you are caught between summer and winter is no reason to hang up your hiking boots and hunker down until the snows fall. Whether you are biking, hiking, paddling or climbing, consider joining the outdoor sophisticates who head to the mountains and lakes. If you plan carefully, you can take advantage of those special spots where summer's grasp clings on to the very last moment--with warm sunny days fighting off the encroaching winter chill.

Or, if you're weary of the heat and ready for snow, look for places where winter arrives as an early guest, unable to wait until December to serve up its icy dish. Fall truly offers the best of both worlds for the avid outdoor adventurer.

This low-traffic season is ideal for trying new sports - most likely you'll have the trails, crags and waterways to yourself. This is a slow period for many guides as well; chances are you can get good rates on first-class instruction. And in some places, you can have the best of both worlds: summer sports one day, and winter fun the next.

Make the most of autumn's milder temperatures and fewer crowds with activities like hiking, camping and fishing, or get your last rock climbing and mountain biking fix before winter settles in.

Here are a few articles that might help you find the perfect outdoor activity for you: 

We wish you the best autumn ever!


St. Anthony Channel, also known as "Šibenik channel", is a part of the area "Channel-Port" – a significant landscape protected in 1974. It is more than 2000 meter long and between 140 and 220 meters wide. It represents Šibenik’s gate to the open sea and the entrance to the city. At the same time, the river Krka’s flow symbolically ends in the channel and finally confluences in the Adriatic.

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How did I discover Cetina?

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How to write about something if all of it, but really all, was and is utterly perfect? Does it make any sense at all to go in for something like that? Even fairy tales have entanglements but this time, really, believe me, everything went absolutely perfect!
And how to carry on now?

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Vranjača cave

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Vranjača cave is located in the village Kotlenice in Dugopolje municipality 25 kilometres away from Split. This karst beauty lies at the foot of the northern slopes of the mountains Mosor, 452 m above sea level.

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Zrmanja - the Beauty and the Beast

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Zrmanja river is called Beauty and Beast because of its beautiful scenery that has to offer during summer months when it looks like sleeping beauty, and during fall, when high water rises, it transforms into dangerous beast.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 17:42

Vrana Lake

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If there is a place on the earth where every single day has its unique story it should be Vrana Lake. Although one of the largest lakes in Croatia, its dimensions are not the only advantage; rich biological diversity, the beauty of landscape and well preserved cultural and historical heritage. The park is so rich in its biodiversity, scenic beauty and preservation of cultural and historical heritage in his background that will be a few hours touring enough to meet it.

The most famous phenomena Ornithological Reserve was included in the European list of the most important bird areas. In the area of 57 kilometers located between places Pakoštane and Pirovac, lives and nests more than 100 different types of birds with their untouched natural habitats of rare and exceptionally preserved wetland system of exceptional scientific and ecological value. Around Vrana lake stretches more than 50 miles of bike trails. The most common route starts in Vrana near the local church, the trail climbs the hill Majdan showing off the most beautiful view of the ornithological reserve. At the top of the hill Kamenjak, exactly in the middle of Lake Vrana was redecorated gazebo that offers a breathtaking view of the entire lake, Pirovac, Drage, Pakostane and the beginning of  Kornati island.

Besides its natural beauties this area has a significant historical value. From the earliest times lake Vrana had it considerable economic importance, an abundance of drinking water and beauty of the area attracted the attention of landowners. Archaeological remains are still visible on the site Crkvine, on the spring Pećine and on other places along the boundary of Vrana’s mud. Vrana contained fortress and monastery of the Templar knights and the special value has the monument of Joseph Han Maković dated from 17 century – the most western monument of Turkish civil architecture in Europe.


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