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Our bloggers and writers will tell you the story about land of thousands islands, its magical nature and rich heritage; they will guide you through the most popular, most preserved or untouched places with interesting natural and cultural beauties of Dalmatia. Distinctive characteristics of indented coastline and islands, preserved nature of Dalmatian hinterland can provide you interesting articles with the most distinguishing presentation of specific places in such a small area. Dalmatia Outdoors includes a lot more than average destination guide; it is permeated with experiences and knowledge about Dalmatia gathered over the years. Our unbiased advices, reviews and information we hope will help you to discover all there is to know about this remarkable destination.

Monday, 10 November 2014 12:58

Why do we fall in love with cities?

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A while ago I was watching a movie with my girlfriends. One of them shared that she is fascinated by the fact that the cities we visit do not cease to live after we leave. However, we never get a chance to notice that. We do not take seriously all the billboards announcing plays and movies in grand theatres and cinemas of Paris, London or Vienna to whom we are just another backpacker. It is almost as everything is only an illusion that will never come alive and is nothing but an announcement because that is the way it is supposed to be, since we are there only for a week – and maybe never again. It is as if from next Monday everything will be the same again. It is as if next week the city won't embrace some other backpackers and charm them in the exact same way.

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 00:00

Seagull and I in Primošten

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There is a couple of days in Primošten ahead of me… and every time, as we plan our trip to Primošten the plan repeats over and over again… because the big adventure awaits us…

Thursday, 29 November 2012 22:22

Interview with Marko Herman

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How much time do you spend on activities that are currently characterized as outdoor activities or as some people call it adventure sports?
Certainly not as much as I would like to, but every time my work and my responsibilities allow me some free time, I spend in nature in an active way. This doesn’t mean that climbing on Mosor includes the walk to the mountain lodge so I can have a plate of cooked beans and 3 bear - this is something that certainly does not fall into the adventure or any sport category.  Although, it can be turned into an adventure when drunk try to come down from the mountain... ha ha

What kind of activity you like the most?
The majority of time I spend on riding a bicycle.  I like all type of terrain - asphalt, gravel, dirt road, single-track. Hiking is also often in the repertoire. And if I get the chance to have some kind of activity such as kayaking, rafting or similar; surely will not miss it, especially if it's something I have never tried before.

Do you consider yourself as an adventurist?
Depends, what you consider as an adventure. In my opinion, the true adventurers are ones that completely surrender to the unknown and are pursued by curiosity. So I can say for myself that I am “a local amateurish adventurer”' because my radius of movement is mainly Dalmatia, and yet there is still so much unknown and hidden in this area where you can always see something new and interesting, regardless whether it could be found in the vicinity, practically right at your doorstep - or outdoor hahaha.

Do you take for adventure alone or in a company?
Whenever I can I go with a company. In that way is more interesting, but often I go for it by myself. When going alone I can let myself thinking, observing and to complete nature experiencing.

Are activities you take dangerous?
That is relative.... you are in greater risk when you sit in the car. Of course the risk is always there, depending on the type of the activity. But as I already said, I'm a recreational, amateur, and being such, this risk is lower because I don’t go for extreme adventures. Of course, it is necessary to take everything I can to reduce that risk – to assess all your options, to monitor weather forecast, take the equipment and supplies necessary to carry every activity without any trouble.

Is there any part of Dalmatia that in your opinion needs to be particularly distinguished?
I would not, because each part of Dalmatia is specific and attractive, whether we are talking about Dalmatian hinterland or its islands. I prefer parts of Dalmatia that are isolated and forgotten because are more preserved... I am always eager to visit such locations. And sometimes, I just want to see if I can something, and in those moments, the physical challenge is crucial.

Dalmatia Outdoors is looking forward to your every action and adventure; I hope we will manage to experience every corner of Dalmatia through your pictures and words…?
And I hope that your experience will not remain only through my pictures and words, but that my adventure will encourage you to ride a bike, put on your hiking boots or to sit on a kayak and have your own experience of Dalmatia.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012 21:38

The town of Vrlika

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The town of Vrlika is located on 410 meters above sea level in the middle of Dalmatian hinterlands; right between mountains Svilaja and Dinara in the vicinity of spring of river Cetina and Peruća Lake.


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