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Dalmatian Outdoor Cooking (2)


Dalmatian cuisine follows the trend of modern nutritional norms, gently cooking food and plenty of fish, olive oil, vegetables, which is why this cuisine is considered very healthy. Since Dalmatia abounds with Mediterraneanherbs, its traditional and authentic dishes are prepared with local ingredients, in the open and in countryside. This category focuses on traditional forms of Dalmatian cuisine with an emphasis on the techniques of cooking outdoors, in nature, on the mountains, while camping, on the sea or water, during sailing and similar. Our intention is to show the authentic Dalmatian cuisine with native and seasonal ingredients in simple recipes that can be practiced in all Outdoor conditions.

Thursday, 17 April 2014 15:31

Dalmatian cuisine workshop in Trogir

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Blue sea, cloudless sky, stone walls, green pines - Dalmatia truly is a paradise on Earth. Smells, tastes and colours of this such a special place of the world are an everlasting inspiration for real food lovers. Early morning visit to the colourful market and fishmonger's, then a coffee in the sun - you are at the right place at the right time.
Welcome to Trogir!
Thursday, 18 April 2013 11:04

Gastro history Sinj

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Setting off on a 20-minute uphill journey from Split, you come to Sinj, the town of the Alka Tournament, Feast of the Assumption, the River Cetina, and the Alkar and Junak sports clubs, acres of arable land in the Sinjsko Polje Valley, and karst hills. Sinj has a traffic light and some sort of airport, so you see, you can even take a charter flight to Sinj.


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